Friday, 20 May 2022

Beautiful Lathkill Dale.....Sunday 15th May 2022.

A trip out today with Tracey & Clara to the stunning little valley in the White Peak area of Derbyshire known as Lathkill Dale.

We began our visit by parking up on the roadside just before you enter the village of Moneyash,got our kit together and began our walk.

This walk and it's surroundings are certainly worth a visit and it is certainly up there as one of my fave riverside walks we have ever done.

The first part takes in some lovely limestone scenery,reminding me a little of Gordale Scar in the Yorkshire Dales,but on a larger scale and not so enclosed.

The area then enters into some lovely woodland alongside the River Lathkill,which incidentally is not visible from it's source at Lathkill Head cave,as the river disappears in the warmer months underground and re-appears further down the Dale.

The final section of the walk opens out into some lovely water meadows where the river has been cut into sections by several weirs,which were built in the valley's past when lead mining was rife in the area.

Other than the obvious beautful scenery,the area is abundant with flora and fauna and i would love to spend more time here,as the potential for interesting finds is enormous.

Highlights from the visit today included a pair of breeding Dippers with 2 fledged young, 5 pairs of Grey Wagtails,12 singing male Redstart,my first Spotted Flycatcher's of the year,Raven and thats just the birds.

Insect highlights included a Speckled Yellow Moth and 9 species of Butterflies,with 4 Dingy Skipper and my first Red Admirals of the year.

Wildflowers are a big feature of the walk also,with such lovely species as Early-purple Orchids,Sanicle,Bluebells,Mossy Saxifrage,Yellow Archangel,Water Avens and the most Wych Elm i have seen anywhere.

The following are my favourite photos from the day.

The Entrance Into The Valley From Moneyash.

Lathkill Head Cave.

The Gang.

Mossy Saxifrage.

Juvenile Dipper.

Adult Dipper.

Water Avens.

Pyrausta aurata Or Mint Moth.

Mallard Ducklings.

Mrs R Sporting A Very Smart T Shirt.

Dingy Skipper.

Yellow Archangel.

Brown Argus.

Early-purple Orchid.

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