Thursday, 26 May 2022

Wet My Lips! and Interesting Insects......Local Patching,Sunday 22nd May 2022

Another visit to the local patch at East Halton today,a little later than normal,due to having to drop Mrs R at work first,saw another decent visit being enjoyed,the following is what i saw.

I started as always by parking at Winter's Pond,with a force 3-4 south westerly blowing,i wondered if i was going to find any new migrants in.

Winter's was pretty quiet bird wise,with the 2 resident male Cetti's Warblers singing away as i walked and overhead a decent flock for here of 27 Swifts hawked insects over the main lake.

As i walked up past the chimney,i began to see some good numbers of Damselflies(See my post here @ in turn began to look for any other interesting species of insects i could find.

I was quickly rewarded with 3 personal first sightings for the patch in the form of Tropidia scita a diminutive Hoverfly species which is usually associated with marshes,particularly in areas of reed,a lovely Pied Shieldbug and a couple of Lackey Moth caterpillars.

The Shieldbug was a nice surprise with this species usually being seen in areas of White Dead Nettle or Black Horehound.

The Caterpillars are more than often found feeding in a silken tent on their foodplant,until they become larger,like the insect i found,which was nearly ready to pupate.

As i wandered back towards the car,a quick scan around saw a Hobby Hawking insects over the main lake,the second i have seen here in recent weeks and really great to see.

After shedding some clothing i headed along the edge of the mitigation area to more Damsels and the first of a decent haul of Butterflies for here.

As i walked opposite the the small copse on the western side of the site,I stopped to look at a female Orange Tip and heard the familiar 'Wet my lips' call of a male Quail.

I stood and listened to this lovely summer visitor as he called away,just great to hear and he became my 135th species for the local patch this year,a pretty pleasing total to be fair this early in the year.

Back to the insects again and by now i had managed to see 6 species of Butterfly,the best of which were my first 3 Small Heath of the year,3 Painted Ladies and 6 Brown Argus.

Also taking advantage of the profusion of Clover along here,were at least 12 Mother Shipton Moths.

Another good visit,with the Quail being a nice surprise.

Mother Shipton Moth.

A Slightly Worn Brown Argus.

Small Heath.

Female Orange Tip.

Cranfly Sp. Tipula vernalis.

Lackey Moth Caterpillar.

Pied Shieldbug.

Hoverfly Sp. Cheilosia albitarsus.

Hoverfly Sp. Tropidia scita.

Hoverfly Sp. Tropidia scita.

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